Photo Assignments

Botanical Lay Flat Series

Little People/Big World


  1. The company that I am representing is Victoria Secret
  2. The product is their First Love perfume
  3. The target audience are those who are looking for a new perfume to use or for something that can be gifted to their mom for mother’s day or a someone for their birthday
  4. Where I would expect to see this advertisement can be on the Victoria Secret web page or on one of their catalogs
  5. The camera that I would use is my phone camera
  6. The lighting that I will use to make it look professional is natural lighting coming from my bedroom window and the lightbox that I have
  7. The only props that I will need is the perfume itself

The three ads that inspired me

Graduation Cover Design

Me and Myself

Man and Nature

Abstract Photography 



Pop Art Portrait Series of 4

Private VS Public Self

Light Painting 

Landscape Oil Painting 

Emotion Photo Series 

Bouncing Flowers

Sandy Skoglund

This is my favorite work from Sandy Skoglund. Her work is original and creative because she be using her imagination to photograph different things. With all of her work she has a photograph of a scene and then she adds in photos of a subject all around the room or scenery. When she does this she makes sure to have the room or scenery a different color from the subject in order to have great contrast. For example, with the piece above she took a photo of a restaurant and made it gray. Then she took pictures of red paper dogs, foxes, or wolves (don’t know what animal it is) in different positions doing different things and placed them in the first photo. Since the photo of the restaurant is gray and the dogs are red they stand out in the image because of how they are two contrasting colors.

Create a Work in the Style of Wassily Kadinsky 

Out of all the work that I saw of his I liked this one the best because it got attention the most. Kadinsky uses a variety of different shapes and colors along with brushed to create his pieces of work. I really enjoy his work because it shows us that something amazing can be made with simple things such as random shapes or lines. The reason that I liked this work the best is because it sort of reminds me of Georgia where I used to live. The colors of orange and yellow that he used made me think of the fall season in Georgia because of all the color changes and leaves falling. The second thing that got my attention is the house that is in the piece. The reason is because since he made the background black the yellow-orange of the house pop out more. Also with the house there is a line that leads straight to the house so your eye follows the line directly to the house.


Social Issue Poster

What my argument is for is for women to have the right to get an abortion if they want one. There isn’t really anything or anyone who has influenced my decisions it is just based on things that I know. The reason I feel the way I do is because I believe that it should be a woman’s choice if she wants to keep it or not and not someone else because they are not the one who is carrying the baby. The “flip side” of my issue are those who are pro-life and believe that abortion should be illegal. The reason I chose the stand that I did is because even if abortion was illegal if someone really didn’t want to keep the baby I believe they would find a way to get rid of it that may not be safe so at least with it being legal and being done by doctors then it is safe. What the other side of my issue may have to say is that it is cruel and that it is murder. Even though I am on the opposite side of the argument I can see the other sides point of view. My artwork isn’t intended to offend but I believe that it could possibly offend people that are pro-life. I believe that my poster does get the point across with a pregnant woman being in the center of the poster.

Shadows Series of 4

Tin Type

A tin type is a photograph made by creating a direct positive on a thin sheet of metal coated with a dark lacquer or enamel and used as the support for the photographic emulsion. What I did to create this photograph is first I took the photo then used snapseed to edit it and the final thing i did was use picxlr to add the boarder.

Space Buzz

David Hockney Style Joiner

Travel Poster

Food Photography 

Photos that show good composition 

Logo Design 

Rule of Thirds 

Shallow Depth of Field