Writing Assignments

Jump Start Your Photography

  1. Go to the movies
  2. Listen to your favorite music
  3. Take on a photo-a-day project
  4. Look 360
  5. Reproduce art by the old masters
  6. Treat yourself to “Photo Inspiration” coupons
  7. Shoot your family
  8. Shoot in the dark
  9. Shoot a family event
  10. Use a prop in an interesting way

Broad Museum Collection: Image Critique

After looking at a few pages of the collection this is the image that got and kept my attention the most. One things that I liked about this image is the colors that are in the middle because to me they reminded of fall time in Georgia with all the leaves changing colors. Another thing that I liked is the two yellow dots in the middle of the photo because to me those two dots stood out the most and after looking at it for a while I imagined those dots being the eyes of a fox which is one of my favorite animals. Another things that I liked is that you could see the shadows of the two men that are standing there when I saw this for some reason it made me think as if they were in a different dimension or if their spirit was somewhere else something like that. Going along with the last thing I feel like in the middle the way it is painted it makes it look like a door which helps with making it seem as if they are going somewhere else. Overall I feel like that with this photo it means or it represent different things to different people which I liked and I like how if you look closely to the person on the right it seems like if he has his hand to his chin as if he was thinking trying to figure out what the painting is. Usually I don’t like creations that are in collections that don’t have a title but with this one that was not the case because I believe that with it being untitled it helps with the viewer interpreting it like they want to which I also liked.

Photography Job Hunting on Indeed

This job was the first one to get my attention because after reading the title of the job I thought it could be fun to do this. This job is in Chino, California and its to go to different school and take portraits which even though I am not that great at portraits I believe I could get better at it. The reason I would be interested in this job is because I could be a part of the team that take s portraits of students their senior year. I liked the idea of being the one taking the photos of seniors to remember their last year of high school since I believe it is important. The pay for this job isn’t bad and you could get paid for the miles that you drive for the location of work depending on where you need to go take the portraits at. There doesn’t seem to be any requirements besides those that deal with covid like taking screenings and it says that they will train you, provide uniforms and all the equipment which seems fantastic to me

. This is the second job that got my attention and it is to be a personal assistant. The things that mostly got my attention is the salary and the qualifications. It says that the salary is $260-$300 a week which is really good and there aren’t a lot of qualifications. The qualifications that it has listed is a high school or equivalent and a year of administrative experience but the second one  is preferred so it is not a requirement. What I also really like is that in the description it said they will train you and provide the necessary materials so I wouldn’t need to get the things my self and if I didn’t know how to do something then they will teach me. The only thing that I don’t like about this job is that it seems like a contract would have to be singed for this job which I don’t feel comfortable with but other than that I would go for this job because I believe it could be interesting and fun to do this job.

Canon Lens Experience Articles Review

  • Randy Kerr (Travel Photographer) I really liked this article because it showed that travel photography is way more than just taking pictures of the places you go. Like it said in the article you can take landscape, portraits, still life, action photography for this category of photography. When I read this part i thought that you can get a great sense of how things are in other parts of the world from travel photographs since it can be so many things. For example since in the article it said it could include portraits you can see how people dress differently around the world which can help you learn about their culture in some cases as well. I liked how Kerr said that he would go walking around without his camera at first looking at different landscape and activities “for his own enjoyment first”. This made me think of how it is important to have fun and enjoy life because if this was your job I feel like it could get stressful at times and this is just a good reminder to relax when you can. I also liked how he wouldn’t take his camera with him on the first day so that he can strengthen his relationship with the place he was at because I feel like that made him be able to connect to the location and people more and take better pictures. Overall I really enjoyed the article and all of the photographs that were included and I would consider doing this kind of photography because I believe it can be educational along with fun.
  • Ralph Lee Hopkins (Wildlife Photographer) I really enjoyed this article as well because of the photos and the story of Hopkins. I found it incredibly interesting how this photographer was from New York City but that he enjoys geology, taking pictures of landscape, and wild animals. I thought this was interesting because when I think of New York I imagine a bunch of tall buildings and not a lot of nature, so to be from that state and enjoying taking pictures of nature was fascinating. I really enjoyed all of the photographs that were included with the article they were all incredibly nice. The photographs that included animals really got my attention because he was able to capture them in their natural habitat which I enjoy seeing instead of animals being forced to live in cages and behind glass. After reading the article describe that these photographs can tell a story and looking at all the amazing photographs it made me become interested in this kind of photography and I would like to try to take photography like this if I have the chance.

Favorite Photo from 100 Influential list 

The name of this piece is “The Death of Neda” which was taken on June 20, 2009. The photographer of this art piece is unknown unlike the other pieces that are in the 100 Most Influential List. The full name of this woman is Neda Agha-Soltan she was 26 years old when she was shot after stepping out of her car on a Tehran street near where Iranians were massing in protest of what was seen as the farcical re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The reason that this specific one got my attention is because of how the majority of the other ones that were on the list were in black and white. This one has bright colors just because of the blue of the woman’s shirt stands out from the gray of the street and then the red from her blood stands out the most.

This image had the greatest impact compared to the other ones because when I saw this image and then also when I read the summary of it there where a lot of things that came to my mind. The first thing that came to mind when I saw this is that this image is something that can be seen in crime shows where they solve murders. The second thing is that it just seemed like a very painful death and after reading what happened there were a few different ways that I felt. I felt sad because of how she was a innocent bystander and she got killed when she had just stepped out of the car and what got me more is that they don’t even know who fired the shot that killed her so her family doesn’t even know who is responsible. Another thing is that when I read how she hadn’t done anything but she was killed I thought of George Floyd’s murder and how many people got upset after it happened and how it seemed like he wasn’t going to get justice so those same feelings where coming up again. This image is really influential because it can bring many different emotions to people when they see it.

Read and Reflect: Why Is Photography So Important 

There are many reason why photography is so important such as it allows you to collect meaningful moments that happened in your life, it is a good hobby, it inspires you to travel, etc. The first reason as to why it is important is because you can take your phone and start taking pictures so that you have them forever. For example, for my brothers wedding the guests can take out their phones to take photos during the even with people so that they can remember that special day. Another reason is because it is a good hobby that you can do where you can continuously learn new things. I love doing photography as a hobby because it allows me to have fun with my surroundings along with other people while taking photos. What is good about photography is that it motivates you to go on adventures to new places so that you can have different surroundings when taking photos.

Not only can photography be used for personal reasons or viewing but also for public ones. It could be used to make people aware of climate change that is happening. By going out to places where the effects of climate change can be seen taking photos of that and posting them to a popular platform you can make people become aware of how bad the situation really is. Photos are extremely important because they can become history. What I mean about this is that photos that are taken from big important events in history can be used later on to see how things where during that time. For example there are many photographs that were taken during World War I which we now look at to help us get a better understanding of what was going on during that time and how things were for people. There are many different things that photography can be used for which is why it is such an important thing to have.

Critique of Silver List Photographers

  • Granville CarrollReverie.jpgI really enjoyed this photographers work the photograph that caught my attention was one where it is the outline of a person with what looks like stars inside. The reason that one got my attention is because since the background of the photograph was black and what was inside the outline is white and other light colors it made it pop. I though it was a great idea what he did what that photograph and I liked how it looked like he took a picture of what could be the starts in the universe and pasted it into the image mostly because space fascinates me. The layout of his website was easy to use I was able to go through his pages without any problems. My favorite page is the one that has the tile “In The Finite, Infinitely” which is the page I got the image above from. The reason that this was my favorite page is because its photos that use stars and reminds me of images that pop up when you search something like “spirit” on google.
  • Alex Turner The reason that this photographer got my attention is because of the photo that was shown on the website of the list which is the image above. I felt like the website was a bit confusing to use since it took me a while to find where his photos were. Also with his website I noticed that it is kind of plain as in the background only being a light grey color. When you first get to the website what pops up is a whole bunch of writing which didn’t really get my attention and it made me not really want to look at the other pages. Personally I wouldn’t have put as much writing as he did for the home page or at least I would have added some photographs as well. The reason I liked the image above is because I noticed it is a bunch of animals that looked like small fox’s which I though was cute. After looking at some of his other photographs I thought they were a bit creepy but they still caught my attention and I liked them because it reminded me of a crime show which I enjoy watching.

$10,000 B&H Photography Shopping Spree

  • Impact 5-in-1 Collapsible Circular Reflector with Handles (42’) $49.95. The reason why I would this is because it can help light a side of a subject if there is less light on one side. The way that I would use this item is when I am shooting portraits of people outdoors and there is a side of their face that needs more lighting, I would use this to reflect some light on to them. 
  • Canon Speedliite 600 EX II-RT $499. The reason I would get this is because is because it could be helpful when taking a picture and I need some extra light especially with this one it would be better because it is wireless it will be easier. The way that I would use this is if I am taking a picture of someone outside where the sun if behind them, I would use this so that the light could be more balanced out in the photo.  
  • Three Angler BoomBox octagonal Softbox with Bowens Mount (48’) $110 each Total of $330 for the three of them. The reason I would get three of them is for when taking portraits of people, I could make sure the photo is perfectly lit. The reason I would get three is to have one to light the person hair and the other two to have on both sides of them.  
  • Godox MS300 Monolight $109. The reason I would get this is in case I want to take pictures where I add some light to it. The way I would use it is with gels to make the background of the person a different color. 
  • Rosco Color Effects Filter Kit $39.95. The reason I would get this is it has many different colors to us. The way that I would use this is to tape it on the monolight so that when I take the picture there could be different colors. 
  • Westcott X-Drop 3-Pack Sweep Backdrop Kit (5 x 12’) $239.90. I would get this so that there could be different options for the customer to pick from. I would use this to take portraits of people and I would allow them to pick the color they want the background to be.  
  • Westcott X-Drop Canvas Backdrop (5 x 7’, Vintage Gray By Glyn Dewis) $119.90. I added this because I thought it would be nice to have more backgrounds. I would use this as another option for my customers when taking portraits of them. 
  • Westcott X-Drop Canvas Backdrop (5 X 7’, Rustic Latte) $119.90I decided to add this as another option for my customers to pick out of. I would use this when taking portraits of my customers.  
  • Studio Dynamics Canvas Background, Light Stand Mount- 5X7’- Versailles $144.95. I added this as another option for my customers to choose out of. I would use this as a different background when taking pictures of my customers.  
  • Shutter Huggers Dalmation Shutter Hugger $19.99. I thought about adding at least one for when taking pictures of babies. The way that I would use this is to put it around the lend of the camera to get the baby who I am taking the picture of attention so that they could look at the camera for the photo.  
  • Apple 13.3” MacBook Pro M1 Chip with Retina Display (Late 2020, Space Gray) $1,499. I added this because I need a computer to do my work on and it seems to be one of the best options. The way that I would use this I would have the editing software on here so that I could edit the photos that I have taken. 
  • Adobe $29.99 per month $359.88 for one year. I added this because I need a software to edit photos. The way that I would use this is that I would have it on all my devices and I would use photoshop along with lightroom to edit the photos that I have taken.  
  • Canon EOS Rebel T8i DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens $899. I decided to add this specific one to the list because it is a newer version. The way that I would use it is to take pictures for people. 
  • Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens and Accessory Kit $449. I decided to add this to have as a backup incase anything happens to the other camera. The way that I would use this is that I would carry it with me as well in case I need to use a different camera to take photos I won’t be without a camera I could just use this one.  
  • Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 IIII USM Lens $179I decided to add this lens to the list so that I could at least have three different types of lenses. The way that I would use this item is to take photos of faraway things. 
  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Lens $399 I decided to add this lens so that I could have different lenses to use for different things. The way that I would use this item is to take telephoto photographs. 
  • Jo Totes Gracie Camera Bag (Mint) $119. I added this item so that I could have something to but my other items in. The way that I would utilize this is by putting my camera along with a lens in here with my laptop as well so that I could take the things I need with me all the time and I could do work from my laptop anywhere at any time.  

The total amount of money that I would spend on all of these items would be $5,576.42. 

Why You Should Become a Professional Photographer 

There are many reason as to why being a professional photographer is a great job. Some of the reasons is that it is accessible, it’s current, you will be your own boss, you will be free of restrictions, etc. Photography  is highly assessable which means that you can easily get the materials that you need in order to take photos. Since it is current then that means there is a lot of business from people wanting you to take photos of them to post on social media, for magazines, or just for them to remember a special moment. Whatever the case is there are always photos waiting to be taken. One of the best reasons why this is a great job is because you are your own boss and your are free of restrictions. With this career you can make your own schedule so you can chose what days you want to work and how many hours without being forced to work when you do not want to work. Something else that is great is that there is a infinite number of things that you can take a picture and you can add your own personal touch to the photos weather with what you include in the photo, how you take the photo, or by the way you edit it the photos will be unique to you. A plus of this is that you don’t know how to express the way you are feeling using words the photos you take can help you express these emotions. Overall being a professional photographer is an amazing career because there is so much freedom with it but if you don’t want it as a job you can also just have it as a hobby which is great.